December 27, 2013: America the Beautiful Silver Coins, 2014 Silver Eagles, US Mint Laser Frosting

silver-eagleWelcome to Coin Update!

We’re back to bring you another fresh round up of the latest coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

Mint News Blog takes a broad look at the bullion and collector America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Coin series and provides the mintages or last reported sales figures for each coin from 2010 to present.

An article covering the CFA’s recommended reverse design for the 2014 American Platinum Eagle. For the past five years, the Commission’s recommendation for the Platinum Eagle design has not been followed.

A CoinWeek article on the sold out, low mintage 2013 coins and some currently available coins to watch.

Patrick Heller shares some information and thoughts on the availability and rarity of the 2014 American Silver Eagle bullion coins.

Dave Harper asks why would anyone buy the US Mint’s clad proof set?

Will the Perschke 1787 Brasher Doubloon become the world’s next most valuable coin when it is auctioned by Heritage at the FUN convention?

Coin Collectors Blog continues counting down the top ten numismatic stories of the year with #5 on the new laser frosting technique used by the US Mint.

A brief overview of Santa notes, or obsolete notes which contain vignettes depicting Santa Claus.

A discussion of the major trade coins of central Greece.

And now for some notable auctions. To go with one of today’s articles, here is the low mintage and stunningly designed 2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes 5 oz Silver Uncirculated Coin graded NGC SP 70.

Next, a rainbow album toned 1948-1963 PDS Franklin Half Dollar Set housed in a Capital Plastics holder.

That’s it for another update. Have a great weekend!

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