December 4, 2013: US Mint Product Sales, Eric Newman Coin Collection, Silver Maple Leaf Design

sml-coinWelcome to Coin Update!

We’re back with another fresh round up of coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic product sales report covers several recent sell outs for 2013 products.

Mint News Blog provides more color on the most recent sell out of the 2013-P Fort McHenry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin.

Coin Rarities & Related Topics has part 8 in the article series on the Eric Newman Coin Collection, covering Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half Dollars.

Besides the well known 1913 Liberty Nickel, the year 1913 was a year of rare date U.S. coinage for other series.

More recently, here are some interesting die varieties from the 1970’s.

Doug Winter analyzes the grade distribution for the quarter eagle Dahlonega gold coins.

An overview of the metal alloys that the US Mint has used to produce coins over the years.

Steve Roach says the holidays provide the perfect time to introduce others to the hobby of coin collecting.

Loose coins left by travelers at TSA airport checkpoints added up to $531,000 in fiscal 2012.

The 2014 Silver Maple Leaf will be getting a new look. The bullion coins will include a new finish formed from complex radial lines and a micro-engraved laser mark.

And now for today’s notable auctions. To go with one of today’s articles, here is a link to the current auctions for the sold out designs for the 2013-P America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins.

That’s it for the update. See you next time!

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