December 7, 2012: San Francisco Set Sales, Caroline Harrison Gold Coin, Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin

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The United States Mint has provided an updated sales total for the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set. The new number is about 10% less than the previous last reported sales number.

The latest product release from the US Mint is the Caroline Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin, representing the third design of the year for the 24 karat gold coin series.

Discussion of a trillion dollar platinum coin to solve the debt-ceiling crisis has resurfaced.

This article on CoinWeek begins a three part feature on So-Called Dollars. The first part looks at commemoratives and so-called dollars related to expositions.

Highlights from the Legend-Morphy Regency Auction held on December 13 at the PCGS Members Only Coin Show.

The various designs for the nickel across 150 years tell an interesting story.

Here are three inexpensive coins which have deep connections to Christmas.

A brief article on the approval of the commemorative coins honoring Mark Twain. It mentions a website at, which provides information on the program.

The number of new $1 bills printed in the latest fiscal year fell by 31%. This may have implications for the potential cost savings of switching from $1 bills to $1 coins.

This article says the question of coins or bills will soon be moot.

A solution to the problem of spotting on American Silver Eagles remains elusive. The US Mint quality control chief has also been trying to solve other design, production, and packaging issues.

Jeff Garrett continues his date by date analysis of the Indian Head Half Eagle series, covering coins struck from 1911 to 1929.

Here are images of all ten of the category winners for the 2013 Coin of the Year awards.

Coverage of the “Monaco Numismatique” show held on December 1.

And now for some notable auctions. First, here is the 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set with all five coins graded PCGS PR70 or MS70 and carrying the First Strike designation. This set was limited to 100,000.

Next, here is a collection of uncirculated Franklin Half Dollars housed in an old blue Whitman album.

Last, an auction for the interesting 1992 Ben Franklin Firelighters Silver Medal, which includes the original box, COA, and order form. These one ounce 99.9% silver medals were struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

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