January 20, 2014: Cents and Brown Nickels, Gold Coin Design Types, ATB Quarters Silver Proof Set

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The cost for the United States Mint to manufacture and distribute the cent and nickel fell to 1.83 cents and 9.41 cents, respectively. Seigniorage generated by the dime and quarter more than offset the losses from the two lowest denominations.

The Wall Street Journal covers the latest developments in the US Mint’s research of alternative metallic compositions for circulating coins. Stopping production of the cent is a “discussion topic” and a “brown nickel” is mentioned as a possibility.

On the brown nickel, the author of this Fortune article thought, “There is no way anyone would ever think this is real.”

Coin Update News begins coverage of the US Mint’s 2013 financial results. Revenue rose 26.2% to $4.34 billion while seigniorage and net income rose by 40.5% to $292.5 million.

Coin Rarities & Related Topics continues discussion of the Eric Newman Collection, covering the European world coins.

Steve Estes recounts how he sidestepped a bubble and provides takeaways on the market for common and rare coins.

Q. David Bowers continues an overview of gold coin design types from 1834 to 1833.

Here are some highlights form Heritage’s paper money auctions held at the FUN convention.

Separately, here are highlights from the Kolbe & Fanning numismatic book auction held in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention.

There were 123 artists who submitted applications in the first phase of the selection process for the US Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program.

The US Mint will soon begin sales of the 2014 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set.

And now for some notable auctions. First, an example of the rare transitional variety 1992-D Close AM Lincoln Cent graded PCGS AU58. There are only about 15 known examples of the variety.

Next, the popular 2013-W Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo graded NGC PF 70 with Early Releases designation in a black retro holder with collector case.

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