January 4, 2013: US Mint Annual Report, Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin Idea, Royal Canadian Mint Coins

Platinum CoinWelcome to Coin Update!

We’re back to bring you another round up of the latest coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

The United States Mint has made available their 2012 Annual Report. Mint News Blog provides a recap of the results and some specific points of interest for collectors. Access the report on the US Mint’s website can be found here.

The 2012 Proof Set has sold out at the US Mint. This follows the sell out of the Silver Proof Set earlier in the week.

Once again, everyone is talking about a $1 trillion platinum coin. Here are articles from CNN Money, ABC News, and Bloomberg. Additionally, why the coin is not legal, why everyone is talking about it, and Michael Castle’s unsuspecting role as godfather of the solution.

Sales of the US Mint’s American Gold and Silver Eagle bullion coins both fell in 2012. However, for 2013 sales of gold bullion coins are off to a faster start.

Some ideas for New Year’s collecting choices for those on tight budgets.

NGC’s Chairman Mark Salzberg reflects on NGC’s last 25 years and his career in numismatics.

PCGS has started accepting so-called dollars for grading.

The Perth Mint Blog has some interesting facts about the Australian Holey Dollar & Dump with an accompanying video.

The Langbord family has filed an appeal to challenge the verdict of the trail involving the ownership of ten 1933 double eagles.

An historic look at the Congressional Medal of Honor.

As Canada begins a month long countdown to the transition date for the phase out of the penny, some wonder if the nickel will be eliminated next.

Here is a look at upcoming product releases from the Royal Canadian Mint, which are currently available for pre-order by Master’s Club members. Orders from the public will open on January 8.

And now for some notable auctions. First, an unopened box of five 2012 Star Spangled Banner $5 Gold Uncirculated Coins. Based on last reported sales, this issue has one of the lowest mintages for a modern commemorative coin in years.

Next, the 2008-W Jackson’s Liberty $10 Gold Coin graded PCGS PR70DCAM with First Strike designation. This coin features the obverse design of the Capped Bust Half Dollar and is part of the Liberty Subset of the First Spouse Gold Coin series.

Last, a complete collection of 1910-1964 Australian Silver Three & Six Pence Coins in a Dansco album in grades ranging from about fine to BU.

That’s it for the update. Have a great weekend!

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