January 9, 2013: US Mint Circulating Coin Production, National Coin Week Theme, New Coin Books

buffalo-nickelWelcome to Coin Update!

We’re back with another fresh round up of the latest coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

For the 2012 calendar year, the US Mint produced 9.3 billion circulating coins, an increase of 13.9% from the prior year. The largest shifts by denomination were seen for quarter and $1 coins.

The weekly US Mint numismatic product sales report highlights the recently sold out 2012 Proof Set and 2012 Silver Proof Set.

The $1 trillion coin idea continues to receive a lot of coverage. New articles are here, here, and here. Also, an article by former US Mint Director Edmund Moy explaining why the idea won’t work.

Coin Rarities & Related Topics covers some of the famous European gold coins that were auctioned by Heritage at the New York International Numismatic Convention.

F. Michael Fazzari shares his initial impressions and research process for a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent that merited more attention.

Q. David Bowers takes up the topic of to slab or not to slab.

The theme selected for this year’s National Coin Week is “Buffalo Nickel Centennial: Black Diamond Shines Again.”

According to this article, building a type coin collection is a great way to start investing in rare coins.

A new book is available from Heritage Auctions on the Draped Bust Half Dollars of 1796-1797.

A preview and some sample pages for an upcoming book about coin albums by David Lange.

There are some calls for Odyssey Marine Exploration to be banned from raising the wreck of a British warship containing millions in gold coins.

The Royal Mint Blog highlights both coins and books that celebrate the London Underground anniversary.

And now for some notable auctions. First, here is a fantasy 1970 Silver Eisenhower Dollar created by Daniel Carr. The piece was overstruck on an actual 1971-1974 40% silver Eisenhower Dollar.

Next, the popular 2001 American Buffalo Silver Dollar Two Coin Set. The set includes proof and uncirculated versions of the commemorative silver dollars featuring James Earle Fraser’s classic design.

That’s it for the update. See you next time!

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