July 28, 2010: Slowing US Mint Numismatic Sales, Crossover Grades, Shipwreck Coins

Washington QuarterWelcome to Coin Update!

We’re back to bring you another round up of coin collecting news from around the internet! First, price increases for this year’s US Mint annual sets seem to be having a detrimental impact on sales. Also, 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo coins, the latest Coingrader Capsule, fake £1 coins, not promoting dollar coin use, more upcoming rarities at auction, shipwreck coins, allocation of precious metals and rare coins, and notable auctions. On to the links…

Are the price increases for this year’s 2010 Mint Set and 2010 Proof Set resulting in reduced sales? And are the price increases a result of the lack of numismatic precious metals offerings?

Some thoughts from Dave Harper on the low sales numbers for the 2010 Proof Gold Buffalo, which are running half the pace of last year. Is it seasonal, are collectors out of money, or waiting for lower gold prices?

The latest Coin Grader Capsule “Crossover, ‘Cross-Under’, or ‘Cross-Out’ “ begins an exploration of crossover grades from non top tier grading services to PCGS.

The number of fake £1 coins continues to rise, with one out of every 36 coins in circulation counterfeit. The proportion is now getting to the point where the idea of reissuing the entire denomination has been mentioned.

On the PCGS Blog, David Hall tells the story of how he got started in coin collecting.

The last update included a hopeful article on circulating dollar coins. This new article is quite the opposite, describing them as “Chuck E. Cheese tokens” and claiming that people usually have to apologize when they spend them.

The latest Coin Rarities & Related Topics discusses some more of the rarities to be offered in the upcoming auctions in Boston.

If you have ever been dismissive about shipwreck coins, this article by A.C. Dwyer might change your opinion. He specifically addresses some of the issues raised by an old Susan Headley article on the topic.

NGC Collector’s Society has just unveiled a major website update that allows collectors to organize and track their entire collections. The new features are completely free to use with a free Collector’s Society account.

What is the best allocation between gold, silver, and rare coins for your portfolio?

And now for some notable auctions. First, the 1915-S Panama Pacific Commemorative Half Dollar graded NGC MS 65. This coin was designed by Charles Barber and George Morgan.

Next, a big lot of 30 modern commemorative coins sets, including a range of issues from 1986 to 1994.

Last, the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin graded NGC MS 70 PL.

That’s it for this update. Have a great evening!

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