March 25, 2013: Enhanced Uncirculated Silver Eagle, Baseball Hall of Fame Coin Design Contest, Where’s George?

enhancedWelcome to Coin Update!

We’re back with the latest round up of coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

Mint News Blog shares large size images of the upcoming 2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

An article from CoinWorld discusses the technical characteristics of the coin.

The US Mint will soon launch a public competition for the obverse design of the 2013 National Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins.

In this Numismatic News Viewpoint , a collector shares his appreciation of his local coin dealer.

Dave Harper suggests some special issues of Civil War era coins to celebrate the upcoming 150th anniversaries.

NGC counterfeit detection for the key date 1895-O Barber Dime.

A description of some potential avenues for PCGS Registry Set collecting of 19th century gold coin collectors.

Information on a new book From Mine to Mint by Roger W. Burdette which examines the technology, equipment and operations of the United States Mint.

A further reply on the “first” 1794 silver dollar.

A perspective on post World War II numismatic economics.

The author of Coin Collectors Blog shares his experience at the Whitman Baltimore Expo.

NPR discusses Where’s George, which tracks the movement of $1 bills across the country. What started as a silly game managed to do some massive science.

Before the First Spouse Gold Coin series, Dolley Madison was featured on a commemorative silver dollar with a design by Tiffany & Co.

And now for some notable auctions. First, an 1857-S Liberty Double Eagle from the SS Central America shipwreck graded PCGS MS65. The coin is in a PCGS gold label holder and carries a green CAC sticker.

Next, a lot of ten different Morgan Silver Dollars all graded PCGS MS64 and housed in old rattler holders.

That’s it for the update. See you next time!

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