March 25, 2014: First Special Service Force Medal, Baseball HOF Coin Launch, New World Coins

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We’re back with another fresh round up of the latest coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee has offered its recommendations for the obverse and reverse designs of the First Special Service Force Congressional Gold Medal.

The United States mint will release the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins on March 27 with a limited supply available for purchase at the Mint’s booth at the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Spring Expo.

NGC has encapsulated 100 of the rarest and most important world coins in the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection.

The Internal Revenue Service has said that Bitcoin should be viewed and taxed as property rather than a currency, since it does not have legal tender status in any jurisdiction.

Some PVC coins can be cleaned, while others are beyond repair.

There is a proposal in India to mint coins in industrial grade plastics to save the government money in minting expenses.

Collectors continue to pursue Chinese Pandas for their outstanding artwork and the rarity of certain issues.

A German firm has released a cheetah coin including animal DNA.

Other new world releases include a silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint to honor Nobel Prize Laureate Alice Munro and a triangular silver coin from the Royal Australian Mint themed “Lest We Forget” under the ANZAC Centenary Coin Program.

And now for today’s notable auctions. Here is a lot of 46 Blue Ikes, which are the 40% silver uncirculated Eisenhower Dollars issued by the United States Mint in blue packs from 1971 to 1974.

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