November 18, 2013: Eric P. Newman Collection Sale, New World Coins, Early U.S. Quarters

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We’re back with another round up of the latest coin collecting news and articles from around the internet!

Coverage of the sale of coins from the Eric P. Newman Collection with quotes from some well known numismatic personalities. According to the article, Newman paid roughly $7,500 for the collection which realized $23 million.

Here is the Legend Numismatics market report on the Eric P. Newman Collection sale.

The Royal Canadian Mint will issue 2013 Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins with a special 25th anniversary reverse design. The production is limited to one million coins.

Here is a look at upcoming 2014-dated coins from the Royal British Mint. The design for the £5 Crown coin featuring Queen Anne marks the 300th anniversary of the death of the last Stuart Monarch, and a £2 Coin marks the centennial of the commencement of World War I.

CoinWorld reports on the upcoming auction of the Walter Perschke Brahser Doubloon at the FUN convention.

An interesting history of the earliest quarters in the United States.

Steve Roach discusses the results and shares some impressions on a recent sale of WWII era error coins.

A few months back, a company used an “X” canceled US Mint Olympic Die to strike commemorative medals. The sale of the medals was discontinued at the request of the United States Olympic Committee.

A lawsuit alleges that Brinks allowed a metallurgist to sort through pennies and take out the coins that contained more copper for later melting. This took place before the US Mint banned penny and nickel melting in 2006.

Here is an article about a report of the security ribbon on one of the new $100 bills peeling off the surface of the banknote.

In Canada, an article focused on the author of The Hockey Sweater. A quote from the book will be included on the new Canadian $5 bill.

Tomorrow the United States Mint will begin sales of the William & Ida McKinley Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set. This will be the first appearance of the Ida McKinley bronze medal.

And now for some notable auctions. To go with one of today’s articles, here is the auction for the “X” canceled Olympic Die that was used to strike the now discontinued commemorative medals.

Next, an auction for a 1950 Proof Set in the original mint packaging.

That’s it for the update. See you next time!

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