October 29, 2008: Big Premiums for Silver, Reverse of 2007 Variety, Mint Error News

Reverse of 2007 VarietyWelcome to Coin Update!

Here comes another round up of coin collecting news from around the web! First, a look at the big premiums charged for buying physical silver. Also, opinions and recommendations on coin and bullion investing, 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007 Variety follow up, coin firm merger, Mint Error News, and notable auctions. On to the links…

If you’ve tried to purchase silver lately, you know about the huge premiums above the so-called market price. Here’s a look at the premiums for 100 ounce silver bars, which are traditionally a low premium product.

Susan Headley of About.com:Coins has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about investing in coins and bullion amidst the downturn.  Here are her opinions and recommendations on the subject.

Remember the 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007 VarietyMint News Blog revisits the variety six months after the exciting discovery.

Interesting question: How many people collected the State Quarter series from the first coin to the very end? Here are the responses from Numismatic News readers.

Two modern coin firms, Modern Coin Mart and Cornerstone Coin have merged. I have bought from Modern Coin Mart in the past and have always been pleased.

Would you like to hear the writer of Coin Collector’s Blog do a regular coin podcast?

The latest issue Mint Error News has been published and is available for free download.

Numismaster takes an in depth look at the Seated Liberty Dollar series.

And now for some notable auctions. First, to go with today’s story, here are the 2008-W Silver Eagles with Reverse of 2007 currently up for auction.

The controversial Obama Coins are now for sale on eBay. Here’s the silver version of the coin.

And last, did you know there is a growing market for 95% copper 1959 to 1982 Lincoln Cents? The price of copper was actually up 12% today.

Have a great evening!

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